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Kim Evinsky, Sales Associate

Client Reviews

- Kim Evinsky was my realtor for the sale of my old home and the the purchase of my new home. When I first met her, she mentioned Berkshire Hathaway company is owned by Warren Buffet and explained the standards he has in place for his employees. She gave me a folder of information where Buffet mentions an employee should have mainly intelligence, energy and integrity. The most important of which is integrity. Kim so totally meets all of these and then some. She exudes kindness, humor and compassion and is very easy to talk to and truly listens. Things with the sale and purchase did not go perfectly smooth and I was quite upset at some of the things that occurred. Kim handled everything calmly, patiently and compassionately and allowed me to get through this all without backing out (as I almost did). I am so glad she was there for me because even with the things I need to work out, I am so VERY happy and honestly found my paradise. This is my third and final purchase and I can sincerely say I am very happy where I am and have Kim to thank for that! I appreciate her and even go as far as saying I will now call her friend. We met up after my purchase for coffee and I just plain enjoy her company and smiling face! Linda Maria