Pricing Your Home

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Where do you start?

If you set your price too high, your home may sit on the market forever. If you set it too low, you risk cheating yourself out of thousands of dollars. And while anyone can run the numbers for you, the real magic happens when you pair those numbers with real world context and local market expertise.

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Here's how an Agent can help you

Comparable Market Analysis

Not only will we run the report, we'll show you what it means.

Research the Competition

Get insight into other homes in your neighborhood as well as details about your own home.


Work with your agent to determine other opportunities to increase your sale price.

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Find out what your home may be worth by getting a free Home Value Report below. Or, explore the neighborhood and see what similar homes are being sold for nearby using our unique Inside AccessTM tools. Explore a little bit, then contact a good to know agent to walk you through it. After all, they are the local experts.


Estimate the value of your home

Unlike other real estate tools, ours gives you real-time market data, including active and sold property details. More information means more intelligent pricing, and ultimately, confidence you’re getting a fair price for your home.